Very precious

As the world's best sleep material, 6 years of rubber tree growth; only 30cc of latex juice per day; 50 rubber trees can make a good pillow. It is the hard-won "angel tears", very precious.

Best raw material

The material base is located in the Anateng Province, which is known as the land of fish and rice in Thailand. It is close to the Mekong River and Laos in Anna, with plenty of water and sunshine. Every natural latex has to go through the glue-purification-sealing foaming-high temperature filling mold-low temperature drying to obtain the finished product.

Highest Technology

Using the world's leading physical vacuum foaming, combined with ergonomic design, the 72-hour process produces latex mattresses of different densities, thicknesses and sizes to meet the actual needs of consumers, as well as high and low-size customizable latex pillows.

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